Every year we strive to be the best version of ourselves. As we approach the end of the year 2021, I’m encouraging you to try to look back on the things you set out to achieve for the past year and see how far you’ve come. Be inspired to do more. Set new goals. Join me as I’m wrapping up 2021.

Before the year 2021 started, I listed down a few things I wanted to accomplish and improve on as a podcaster, host, and generally as an individual person. For this reason, I really strived hard to achieve such things; going the extra mile when things didn’t work out as expected initially. I read books and subscribed to YouTube channels that would help me improve my character exponentially. In this episode, let me share with you my highlights, book recommendations I would also like you to read, and YouTube channels that also ultimately helped me this year.

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Connect with Dhiren:

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Hello elevated entrepreneurs welcome to this episode of the Elevated Entrepreneur podcast. This is the very last episode for the year 2021 and there’s some really cool things happening in 2022 but that’s a topic for another episode. This episode is all about wrapping up 2021. Now, if you’re a follower of this podcast, you know that I put out a similar episode in 2020 and I had a blast telling you what I’ve done, how I did it, and what are my plans for 2021 and this episode is going to be exactly the same. We’re talking about how I did what I did in 2021. And what I’m going to be doing in 2022. So if you’re going for a walk, grab your headphones, if you’re taking a drive, turn the volume up, and help me cue the music. You’re listening to the Elevated Entrepreneur podcast, a podcast designed to help retailers, restaurant owners and entrepreneurs simplify business operations and use modern technology to elevate their business. Here’s your host, Dhiren Bhatia.

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Alright, what are the achievements and highlights for this year, I’m so happy to tell you that same time last year, I had a few things lined up for myself and I’m super grateful that I’ve been able to check each and every one of those. So let me tell you the very first highlight for me in 2021. And this is related to this very podcast, the Elevated Entrepreneur podcast, this podcast is just completed 40 episodes, you’re listening to the 41st episode, and I am super excited, and how far this journey of mine has taken me how good I’ve become as an interviewer as a podcaster as a host. And yes, there’s a lot to learn. There’s a lot to grow but I’m so pleased with myself, because I have become such an amazing person after having launched this podcast, there’s been so many different opportunities that have come my way, I cannot thank you enough for supporting me and making sure that I’m doing a good job. So thank you for all of your messages and feedback, please keep them coming. Also, this podcast is now listened to in 63 countries. Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m saying that. I never imagined that this podcast would be listened to in so many countries by so many people. So again, thank you. Another achievement related to the podcast is that I have published 16 solo episodes this year. Now why is that an achievement? Well, firstly, talking into a mic without interviewing anybody can be quite a daunting experience and as any podcaster knows, it’s not an easy task to complete. Because there’s nobody else in the room and there’s nobody on the other side. It’s really really hard to overcome that limiting belief in your head, about talking to yourself and holding a conversation. I’m extremely proud of how I’ve been able to do that so 16 episodes this year have been solo, which is me talking to myself, and about things that are near and dear to me. Also, I actually put out an episode where I talk about my podcast production process from start to finish. And I’d love for you to check it out. It’s episode 38. So you can head on over to elevatedentrepreneur.fm/38 and have a listen. It’s a beautiful episode in which I share my entire process in hopes that you too will get inspired, and maybe launched a podcast of your own. The next achievement that I want to share with you is about my marathon.

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So in December 2020, I was telling you about how I’m planning and prepping for a marathon and sure enough, my friends and I actually completed that marathon. Now what’s really interesting is that there weren’t any marathons being planned for and being hosted in the early part of 2021, because of COVID. But my friends and I were very, very committed and we actually self hosted the marathon, which means we selected the venue, set up our drinking station set up the places where we would make sure we were ready for a break and invited our friends and family to support us and sure enough, six hours later, we were at the finish line, tired but really proud of this big achievement for ourselves and I made sure that I documented that entire journey in a podcast episode, which is episode number 26. If you haven’t already, I’d love for you to check it out. It’s elevatedentrepreneur.fm/26 it was recorded right after the marathon and my friends and I can’t stop gushing and can’t stop talking about some of the highlights and why we did what we did. So please go check it out. I’d love for you to give me some feedback once you’ve had it listen.

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The next highlight of 2021 for me is the motorcycle trip that I completed in August 2021 again back in December 2020 When I was recapping 2020. I shared this desire of mine to go on a epic motorcycle trip and sure enough in August 2021 my buddy and I had this wonderful opportunity, where we undertook a 6000 kilometre cross Canada trip on a motorcycle across 10 days, it was a phenomenal experience, because we got to do all of the things that we love and we got to check out amazing parts of Canada that I’ve only heard of, and read about and that, again, is also documented in an episode. It’s episode 36, elevatedentrepreneur.fm/36 If you want to check out the stories, and also the lessons that I learned as an entrepreneur, on that motorcycle trip, and keeping in theme with travel. Another big highlight for 21 for me, was the fact that I was able to complete nine deep sea divers, as a scuba diver. So back in December 2020, I was taking my certification, and we got this amazing opportunity to travel to the Maldives, and get diving with a group of people who are also learning. And that episode was so interesting, because the thing about diving is really about learning to use all of your senses all of your abilities. And doing nine deep sea dogs back to back really helped me build the muscle memory that I needed to become a good diver. It’s a very technical skill and yet, it is such a beautiful experience to be able to go down into the water and go down to 30 meters and see some amazing sea life. And I highly recommend it. For those of you that are thinking of doing scuba diving or becoming a scuba certified diver, I cannot recommend it enough.

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This episode of the Elevated Entrepreneur podcast is brought to you by the Cloudscape care package. This care package is designed specifically for retail and restaurant business owner, if you’ve got a retail or restaurant business or considering open one, and talk to us at cloudscape.ae, or drop us a line at hello@cloudscape.ae, and we’ll show you how the care package and all of its features including training, implementation and support can help you set up for success.

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Now moving on to the workfront, I want to tell you about how I did at work and as you know, my primary time spent is with Cloudscape and over at Cloudscape one of the big achievements for Cloudscape was our team grew just after COVID in 2020 and then in 2021, we’ve hired more people and some amazing colleagues and team members have joined the Cloudscape team, we are now eight people and still looking to grow. It is a phenomenal achievement for a small team like Cloudscape and it is a true testament to the value that we provide and the mission that we’re all on to help entrepreneurs become better in using modern technology systems. Unbelievable achievement for all of the team at Cloudscapes. A Thank you, everybody from Cloudscape, who is listening to this episode. Love you all and I really appreciate you being on this journey with me. Also, another big achievement for Cloudscape is they finally launched the CSU CSU stands for Cloudscape University. It was a dream project for 2021. And I am super proud of the team because they pulled together and they made this happen. And that brings us to the end of the first session.

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The second section is where I get to share with you some of the books that I read in 2021 ones that you should pick up and give them a read as well. So the very first book on that list is a really good book called maybe you should talk to someone. This is by a psychologist Laurie Gottlieb. And she talks about the trauma of not being able to talk to someone not being able to share your innermost fears. And it was a beautiful book that brought a lot of tears to my eyes. The next one on the list is a book by the name of the obstacle is the way this is by author named Ryan Holiday, very famous author and one of his best books ever. It’s a great book that shares some of the secrets of how some of the greatest of this world have turned obstacles into tribes, he lays out a phenomenal foundation and I cannot recommend this book enough. In fact, as I’m saying this to you, I’m thinking of going back and rereading the book, because it’s one of those books that we should read once every year at least. The third book on my list is a book, which is a classic for many, many, many decades, which is Man’s Search for Meaning written by Viktor Frankl who was a survivor of the Holocaust. And he writes down his memories and the lessons he learned from that terrible time of what it really means to have purpose in life. Now, if this is something that you’re thinking about any few have heard this, go around about having purpose, and why it’s important. This book will really prove to be a great read for you.

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And now finally, for the third section of this episode, we’re just sharing with you some of the YouTube channels that I’ve been paying a lot of time and attention to over this year. The first one is by a gentleman named Auguste Bradley. Aguste Bradley is a guy that I spent inordinate amount of time this year listening to and watching as he built his life operating system in a system called notio and I can’t recommend this enough, because it is a brilliant trove of information, just so much knowledge coming out of this guy and he is so transparent and honest in helping you and me become better at managing our day to day lives and together with our big dreams and aspirations. Notion, too has been a big game changer for me and I have learned so much with this system, it’s a great piece of software, highly recommend you check out August Bradley’s channel on YouTube, and he shares all of his secrets and how to build a life operating system. And if you’re interested, let me know, hit me up, I’d be happy to share my life operating system with you and some of the templates that I’ve put together for you. And lastly, the other channel is a channel called Khalid and Samir and these two guys are creating content for creators.

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So if you’re ever thinking of becoming a creator, or you are a creator, then I invite you to give these guys a watch because they interview some amazing people and some amazing creators, and they share all of that journey with all of us superbly put together YouTube channel, lots to learn from similar to August Bradley, and I can’t wait to hear your feedback. And with that, we come to the end of this episode, we’ve talked about some of the highlights the books that you should read that I love to read. And finally the YouTube channels that I spent a lot of time watching and can’t wait for you to watch. I hope that you have a great year ahead a phenomenal 2022 Happy Holidays Much love and I’ll see you in 2022

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Thank you so much for staying with me till the very end of the episode, you’ve done it. I’ve got three specific asks for you only if you think that this podcast is worthy of your support and if you’ve enjoyed the content, my first request is for you to hit the subscribe button. Actually smash that subscribe button so that you can get notified when new episodes come your way. Or if you haven’t already, head on over to elevatedentrepreneur.fm and subscribe to the podcast on the website so that new episodes are emailed to you right away. My second request is for you to help me spread the word with your friends and families and business owners that would enjoy this podcast and help elevate them too. You can do that either by leaving a review on your Apple device or just telling your friends how cool this podcast is. And finally, if there’s a question that you’ve been dying to ask me, or this pieces of feedback that you’d like to give me, head on over to elevatedentrepreneur.fm/speak where you will be able to record a voice message that I can listen to and also maybe feature here on the podcast together with my answer. I’d love to hear from you. Thank you much love and I’ll see you in the next one.