As an entrepreneur, sometimes the psychological weight of being the sole decision maker can weigh you down. From figuring out how to stay accountable to organizing your time and making everything happen without losing your mind, entrepreneurship isn’t a walk in the park ! Not having someone to bounce ideas around with can be the hardest part of running your own business.

For this reason, many entrepreneurs ,including myself  have found that Mastermind Accountability groups help them stay focused and successful.

In this episode, I talk to two of my favourite people, Warsha and Evan about the power of Masterminds. Warsha and Evan  co host the Dare to  Scale podcast and as coaches, have helped a multitude of businesses to grow from start-up to scale-up! They both love helping dreams become a reality by bringing about the transformations that take one from founder to leader, consultant to business owner. The joy that Warsha and Evan get from what they do is what makes them look forward to every new day.

Connect with Warsha and Evan:

Book Mentioned:

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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Episode Highlights:

2:53 – Why we decided to discuss about masterminds in this episode

7:32 – Facilitated vs non facilitated masterminds

13:00 – How masterminds can be created

14:32 – Pearson’s law in the context of masterminds

18:08 – The greatest thing about being part of a mastermind

19:37 – The difference between a mastermind and a coach

21:16 – The three layers with which an entrepreneur should surround him/herself with

31:34 – How masterminds function operationally

35:33 – What to look for in a potential mastermind

38:11 – How masterminds work

40:28 – The structure of masterminds

50:24 – Checking your ego at the door when joining a mastermind

53:50 – The difference between masterminds and peer to peer boats

55:05 – The top 3 tips for anyone looking to join a mastermind group

58:38 – Key takeaways from today’s episode


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