Transform your business from Mediocrity to Mastery

Get unstuck and start climbing to the top of your industry.

Entrepreneur Basecamp is a 5-week live cohort workshop for freelancers and solopreneurs looking to become fearless in their industry and scale their businesses without sacrificing their sanity.

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Ready to collect the five key elements to scale your business and grow your bank balance?

Attract the right customers

Streamline your operations

Dominate your niche

Scaling a business is f*cking hard

On most days, you feel like you ended up getting a second job.

It’s hard enough generating a solid set of leads but you also have to spend time chasing existing customers for payments. 

What’s even worse is competition is getting fiercer and ready to do the job for far less money.

And then there’s the never-ending list of things to fix on your website, on top of a gazillion other fires to put out.

All founders get stuck

Yet some are able to escape the cycle and scale.
How do they come out on top?

If you’ve ever felt symptoms like these:

You are not alone.

These are common challenges that most freelancers and solopreneurs face in their journey to success. 

But, the good news is, you don’t have to go through them alone.

Meet Dhiren

I’ve been exactly where you are.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2010 when my wife and I opened our first retail brand. I had zero experience as an entrepreneur despite being born into a family of entrepreneurs. 

It ended up being a roller coaster of a ride! 

We had our share of ups and downs and had some very important learnings. Fast forward to 2016 and I setup, a tech solutions company based in Dubai, and continued to grow as an entrepreneur. 

I made mistakes and had successes and I realized the importance of building a scalable business

Over the years, I’ve learned the secrets to building, growing and scaling a business and I’m looking forward to sharing those with you.

Climb to the top of your industry with Entrepreneur Basecamp

Designed to give you the elements you need to elevate yourself so that you work ON the business, not IN the business.

Over the course of 5 weeks, you’ll work through my comprehensive program to collect the five key elements you need to get to basecamp and start climbing to the top of your industry.

In 28 days, you will be able to

Define your true north

Find out how to set a strategic direction for your business that you can then set on auto pilot

Differentiate your offering

Learn how to stand out from the competition and dominate your niche in the process

Build your brand that customers love

Understand what makes up the right fit customers and how to ensure you line them up without looking far and hard

Stop your competition dead in their tracks

Drive your marketing message with laser sharp focus and maximize your win over the competition   

Level up your sales engine

Give your sales team the process boost it needs and amp up sales without all the sleaziness of sales.

Maximize your growth with a data-driven approach

Get to know the right metrics you should be tracking in your business – no excel formula & macros needed

Borrow My Experience

Over a decade in the industry plus tried-and-true processes, systems, and mindset tips.

I’ve designed Entrepreneur Basecamp so you don’t have to navigate this roadblock alone.

My experience is here and available to you. I want you to learn from my mistakes so you don’t have to lose the same amount of money or miss any once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. I’ve built and scaled multiple businesses.

This is what sets Entrepreneur Basecamp apart from other entrepreneurial programs out there.

I’ve been there, done that, and have the clients to prove it.

Dhiren helps you see perspectives you never thought existed

Dhiren help you see perspectives you never thought existed by gently steering you in that direction with his genuine and sincere interest in seeing you win. You rarely come across coaches who become your best friends so much so that you feel compelled to bounce off every thought and idea with them because you know he will add an angle to it which will surely make it so much better and bigger.
Amandeep Kaur

What You'll Learn

Here’s a quick overview of our journey together in the next five weeks:

See What People Are Saying

Entrepreneur Basecamp’s founder edition alumni include entrepreneurs from coaches to fashion designers to dentists and many more.

The EBC workshop gave me clarity on what really mattered about my business. It also allowed me to structure the ideas I had in my head and I created a timeline for these ideas. That was part of the transformation for me.
Dr. Shweta Prabhu
The EBC came at a time when I was starting my fashion business. It helped me understand the why behind my business and really put it into perspective. The Why behind my business really became my selling point.
Saloni Haryani
Fashion Designer
Participating in the EBC changed my perspective on my business. I had a massive mindshift change and I could finally see the future of business. I worked on my goals, my 5-year and 10-year plans and I could see it all come together.
Vanessa Museo

Maximize your growth with a data-driven approach

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Are You Ready to Take the Next Level?

Entrepreneur Basecamp is designed to help you overcome the biggest challenges, get you unstuck, and achieve your goals—so you can dominate your niche and rise to the top of your industry. 

Access to the Entrepreneur Basecamp gives:

Action-packed sessions with Dhiren
Q&A sessions to answer any and all questions
Lifetime access to the course recordings
Exclusive custom worksheets and resources​


Start Your Journey to the
Entrepreneur Basecamp

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The 5 week course will start on May 1st through to June 1st. Live sessions will be held on Monday and Thursday at 5 PM Gulf Standard Time (see conversion). Each live session will include 90 minutes of teaching, followed by an Q&A.

The Entrepreneur Basecamp features two live session per week running for 90 minutes with time for Q&A after each session together with an hour for coursework between sessions.

Entrepreneur Basecamp is a live course and the sessions are interactive and lots of fun. If you can’t make any of the live sessions. you will have access to the session recordings in the course portal.

The Essential package enables lifetime access to your cohort’s course recordings, as well as the bonuses and resources. If you’d like lifetime access to future course updates and enhancements, select the Premium package.

The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Money-Back Promise is designed to help you participate risk-free. If you join us for all of the live lessons and still don’t find the course useful, drop us an email at and we’ll refund your full payment.

Entrepreneur Basecamp is a live cohort based group experience. There are plenty of opportunities to ask Dhiren questions directly. If you feel that you need additional support or want to work with Dhiren directly, subscribe to the Executive package for three private coaching sessions with Dhiren (limited quantity).

Send an email to and we’ll be happy to answer your questions 

Entrepreneur Basecamp isn't for everyone.

But if your business is ticking off these boxes, I would love to see you in the program.