In this episode, I talk to my long-time friend, Muhammad Manji who is the CEO and founder of Automyze FC, a retail fulfilment company in Dubai that offers outsourced e-commerce fulfillment services to retail and distribution businesses. Muhammad talks about his journey as a serial entrepreneur and why fulfillment is his most fulfilling job yet.

Coming from a business-oriented family background, Muhammad studied in Canada for a couple of years but later came back to Dubai to join his dad in running the family business. Having a knack for operations, trying to solve problems and figuring out effective solutions, Muhammad became passionate about fulfillment after realizing that particular gap in the market.

Working in the industry for a couple of years now, he and his team at Automyze have gone through challenges, improving their services and being flexible, as it eventually made them a reliable and effective service provider, picking and packing the right product in the right way, from the warehouse to their customers.

We discuss everything about fulfillment and how he and his team is improving the unboxing experience, one customer at a time.

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