🚅 Double E Bullet — Aug 31 2023

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🚅 This is issue #52 of the Double E Bullet where I share two action-packed bullets to help you go from full-time founder to part-time CEO.

Imagine you had a choice: Would you rather embody a fox’s spirit or a hedgehog’s resilience? For many, the allure of being a fox is undeniable. They’re known for their grace, cunning, and elegant demeanor. In contrast, hedgehogs, those small, spiky creatures native to Europe, Asia, and Africa, appear quite the opposite – slow, unassuming, and deliberate.

Now, you might be wondering: What could these contrasting animals possibly have to do with time management for busy founders like yourself? In short, everything! It boils down to mastering the art of simplicity, much like the hedgehog, and honing a distinct focus for yourself.

I’m going to introduce you to the Hedgehog Concept and tell you why you should be more like the hedgehog than the fox.


🧠 The Hedgehog Concept is based on an ancient Greek fable that states, “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.”

In this fable, the fox employs a variety of tactics in its pursuit of the hedgehog. It attempts to sneak up, pounce suddenly, engage in races, and even feigns surrender by playing dead. However, in each encounter, it departs in defeat, its delicate nose bearing the pricks of the hedgehog’s spines. The fox never grasps the lesson that the hedgehog excels at one crucial task: staunchly defending itself.

Isaiah Berlin, a philosopher, extended this fable’s wisdom to our modern world in his 1953 essay titled “The Hedgehog and the Fox.” Berlin classified individuals into two categories: foxes and hedgehogs. He proposed that foxes chase after numerous goals and interests simultaneously, leading to scattered and unfocused thinking, resulting in limited accomplishments. Hedgehogs, however, simplify the world and focus on a single, overarching vision, which they then achieve.

Now, let’s extend this concept to some of the most famous entrepreneurs who have chosen to be like hedgehogs with their time:

Elon Musk, with his ventures like SpaceX and Tesla, exemplifies hedgehog thinking. His unwavering focus on space exploration and sustainable energy solutions is nothing short of visionary.

As an investment sage, Buffett’s hedgehog-like approach to investing—steadfastly focusing on value and a select few industries—has earned him legendary status.

Steve Jobs, the late co-founder of Apple Inc. embodied the hedgehog’s spirit, relentlessly pursuing his vision of elegant, user-centric technology products.

So, how can we, full-time founders seeking to transition into Part-Time CEOs, learn from these hedgehog entrepreneurs? By embracing the power of focus and simplicity in our daily lives.

Becoming the Hedgehog In a world often enamored with multitasking and diversification #hustleculture, the hedgehog’s wisdom is sage advice. Here’s how you can become more productive, by adopting hedgehog-like habits:

  1. Define Your One Big Thing: Identify the one crucial task or goal for your business or personal life. Channel your energy toward its accomplishment.
  2. Clear the Clutter: Eliminate distractions and activities that don’t align with your one big thing. Simplify your daily routine.
  3. Master Your Craft: Dedicate time to hone your skills and knowledge in support of your one big thing.
  4. Daily Progress: Make progress on your one big thing every day. Even small steps add up over time.
  5. Seek Support: Surround yourself with a network that understands and supports your singular focus.

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📚 The Four-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

The OG and a must-read if you’re looking to learn the frameworks to help you make the jump from full-time founder to part-time CEO. The book doesn’t need much of an introduction given it was an immediate success when it launched 16 years ago! But there is an updated 2016 version.

This book is famous today for a reason; you don’t need a lot of words to understand its impact. It’s a guide to help you reshape your life and work on your terms. From designing your ideal lifestyle to outsourcing talent that allows you to free your time to focus on bigger & better things, this book covers it all.

One of my favorite quotes from the book:

“Doing something unimportant well does not make it important”.

If you’re on the go and looking for a quick summary to listen to, here’s a link from YouTube that does a good job summarizing the book

Watch the video here


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