🚅 Double E Bullet — Aug 3 2023

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🚅 This is issue #48 of the Double E Bullet where I share two action-packed bullets to help you go from full-time founder to part-time CEO.


⏰ Time Management: Mastering The Weekly Review

One of my favourite tools to help full-time founders become part-time CEO is the Weekly Review process. This one tool has singlehandedly helped me boost my productivity, improve focus and most importantly, keep me on track; the best part? It takes less than 30 minutes!

I’m going to share four of the best things I’ve learned doing this practice for the last few years.

  1. Completing the weekly review on Friday: This may sound obvious, I’vbut e found that doing the Weekly Review on Friday changes the game for me vs. doing it on Monday. Doing the review before starting the week allows me to look at the upcoming week using a zoomed-outTreat perspective and as a result, I avoid getting wrapped up in the mundane.
  2. Creating a Ritual: Treating the Weekly Review as a sacred ritual rather than just another task on your to-do list. Find a comfortable and inspiring space to conduct the review. Use calming elements like soft background music, a scented candle, or a favorite beverage to create a relaxing atmosphere – a dear friend of mine and a reader of this newsletter, Bhawna, looks forward to treating herself to her favourite Pistachio Latte when doing her review! By making it a ritual, you’ll look forward to this dedicated time of reflection and planning.
  3. Involving Your Team: The Weekly Review doesn’t have to be a solitary endeavor. If you have a team or have co-founders, consider conducting a group review session. Ruth, my EA joins the Weekly Review every week. This collaborative approach provides fresh perspectives, fosters alignment, and encourages accountability. I get to share my successes and challenges openly, and we brainstorm together to create actionable plans for the week ahead.
  4. Incorporating Personal Reflection: While the Weekly Review primarily focuses on work-related matters, I also incorporate personal reflection by answering ads. Consider how your work-life balance is evolving, and ensure you’re dedicating time to self-care and family. Address any personal goals or commitments to make holistic improvements in your life. Here’s a photo of my weekly review journal entry I use every week.

If you’re interested in using these questions, you can go ahead and download a PDF template from here. You’re welcome 😊


📚 Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt

In the vein of Weekly Reviews, the book Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt is a productivity guide that I loved reading.

The book is simple yet it empowers you to break free from overwhelming busyness and achieve focus, freedom, and success. Michael goes into detail about the Weekly Review as part of his “Full Focus” system. I love to recommend this book as it offers practical strategies to eliminate distractions, prioritize effectively, and maximize productivity.​


It’s the dog days of summer here in Dubai and temperatures are in the low 50 degrees. Despite this sweltering heat & humidity, I’m continuing to push myself through my training for my upcoming triathlon in October this year thanks to my coaches.

I wanted to send a note to remind you to hang in there with the goal you’re working on in your life or business; even if it feels exhausting, boring, or just not worth it.

The result will indeed be something you’re going to be immensely proud of! Well done and I’m proud of you!

That’s all for this edition! What was your favorite bullet?

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