🚅 Double E Bullet — July 27 2023

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🚅 This is issue #47 of the Double E Bullet where I share two action-packed bullets to help you go from full-time founder to part-time CEO.


🤝 Building Trust in Your Business Relationships

Just like any relationship, building your audience’s or your customer’s trust takes time. However, it is a well-worth endeavor because having trust is one of the biggest keys to a successful negotiation. So how do you do it? How do you make sure that your potential client trusts you enough to start working with you?

It’s important to remember that trust can’t be built from just one phone call alone – it takes time to strengthen and develop. So, with everything you do, make sure to put in a little bit more effort to earn that.

Here are some of my top tips to do just that:

1. Transparency and open communication

It is very important that you keep your communications open, honest, and transparent with your client. Before getting into any type of arrangement, make sure that your services, processes, or any potential risks involved are clearly explained and communicated. Also, make sure to address any of their concerns with care and empathy.

2. Reliability and consistency

Deliver your promise and be on time as reliability helps build trust as the weeks and months pass. Still, issues are inevitable so if you encounter one along the way, make sure to communicate it with your client. It is also much appreciated if you stay on top of these issues and offer solutions.

3. Put your client first

We’ve talked about active listening in our previous bullet, which is a crucial skill if you want to learn more about your client’s needs and concerns. Once you’ve actually listened to your client, learn to tailor-fit your services accordingly. Being genuinely interested in your client’s welfare will take you far when it comes to earning their trust.

4. Showcase your value and expertise

It is often difficult for a client to say yes to a proposal because they are unsure of the value it will give to them. Don’t be afraid to showcase your expertise in the field and demonstrate value to your clients. Coming from a place of help always goes a long way.

Building trust can take time and a lot of effort but as long as you keep these top tips in mind, you should be able to establish a solid and lasting relationship with your client. All the best to you!


🧵 Building Trust and Authority with Threads

Less than a month ago, Mark Zuckerberg announced the release of Threads. It’s yet another social networking platform closely linked to Instagram but with functionality much closer to that of Twitter. As of writing, it is the fastest-growing software application in history with over 100 million users in just the first five days of launching.

What does this mean for us entrepreneurs and how will it help build trust?

Well, many of us are now using social media to gain visibility and grow a following. In fact, I myself use it to establish authority and showcase my expertise (you can see it in action in my Instagram account at @dhirenbh).

The good news is that even though this is yet another social media channel to tackle, you can actually just reuse the same stuff you already have for your marketing campaigns. Reuse your tweets or Instagram or Facebook captions in the new Threads platform and take note of the tips I’ve shared in the bullet above – and you should be good to go.


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That’s all for this edition! What was your favorite bullet?

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