🚅 Double E Bullet — June 15 2023

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🚅 This is issue #41 of The Double E Bullet where I share two action-packed bullets to help you elevate your entrepreneurial journey and take you from founder to fearless leader.

​🚀 Overcoming Limiting Beliefs 🚀

Whether it’s your first year or your tenth of running a business, things don’t always go as smoothly as you want it to – trust me, I’ve been there multiple times. But beyond worrying about finding customers or increasing sales or improving products and services, one of the biggest things that hold entrepreneurs back are often their limiting beliefs.

Here are a few things I found to be extremely helpful in overcoming such thinking:

1. Identify and acknowledge your limiting beliefs.

Yoda once said, “Named must your fear be before banish it you can.” Being able to name your fear (and limiting beliefs) means you have made yourself aware of their existence and that you are ready to face them head on. Fully understanding what it is that is holding you back and where it is coming from helps you get to the root cause of the problem and address it properly.

2. Challenge the validity of these beliefs.

What might be the origin of having such beliefs? Is it trauma from your childhood? Is it fear of making the same mistake all over again? For all you know, your fears and negative thoughts are baseless.

3. Reframe your thoughts.

If you find yourself thinking, “I am not good enough for this project”, reframe it to: “I have the unique talents and skills required to contribute to this project’s success”. Repeating these types of positive affirmations preferably before you start your day can make a huge impact on your mindset.

4. Take consistent and intentional action towards your goals.

Remember that this is not a one-time thing and your limiting beliefs may not go away in just one go. Reading books, listening to podcasts, or even taking up activities that work towards your goals, can be of huge help.

5. Surround yourself with a supportive community.

Look for like-minded individuals who understand your struggles and your journey. Support from mentors and coaches to help you overcome these thoughts and provide you with encouragement especially during the most challenging times.

Now, don’t feel bad if you find yourself constantly thinking that you are not smart or good enough or that you don’t deserve success. It’s a human thing so don’t beat yourself up for having such thoughts.

Getting over one’s limiting beliefs do take time so don’t forget to celebrate the small wins and acknowledge your progress.

I also share more about limiting beliefs and overcoming them in my Instagram – follow me at @dhirenbh.

🧘 Insight Timer 🧘

If you’ve been following the Double E Bullet for some time now, you would know how much of a fan I am of using technology to help improve my personal and business life.

One of my go-to apps is Insight Timer, an app for meditation and positive affirmations. It has helped me get through feelings of overwhelm and limiting beliefs. I highly recommend it to those who want to achieve a sense of peace and balance to work through their limiting beliefs and negative thoughts.

This meditation app also helps you focus on stress, anxiety, journaling, manifestations, and overwhelm through guided affirmations that help you focus and get you in the zone. During my workday start rituals, I do a bit of meditation to help me center my mind and focus on the positive aspects. You can choose from the 5-minute, 10-minute, 20-minute or 30+ minute guided affirmations inside the app. Pretty amazing, right?


Speaking of focus and getting in the zone, I have learned of a psychological principle in the 1920s called the Zeigarnik Effect, which is effective in getting your willpower back and become even more productive.

I won’t share more – I invite you to watch the 5-minute video where I explain it more in-depth and share tips on how you can use it to your advantage. It’s a highly recommended video for busy entrepreneurs like me and you.

That’s all for this edition! What was your favorite bullet?

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