🚅 Double E Bullet — April 13 2023

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🚅 This is issue #32 of The Double E Bullet where I share two action-packed bullets to help you elevate your entrepreneurial journey and take you from founder to fearless leader.

​🏷️ Three Powerful Sales Techniques for Scaling Your Biz 🏷️

When it comes to running (and scaling) a business, one of the most important skills you need to have is selling. In my years of experience as an entrepreneur, I’ve learned to master these three techniques and ensure that I am able to achieve the result I want.

Not only should you learn how to negotiate or renegotiate with potential and current clients, but you also need to learn how to increase your sales every year, whether it’s from your current clients or from new ones.

Keep in mind though, it costs a lot more to try and convert a lead into a client than it is to upsell your offers to your current clients.

#ShamelessPlug: I actually teach all these techniques in-depth in my 5-week online course, the Entrepreneur Basecamp. If you want to learn these and more, make sure to sign up for the waitlist.

Ready for my top sales techniques? Here we go:

1. Scarcity

There are many ways to create scarcity in your offers. For my business, Cloudscape, we do this by limiting the number of projects that we take on every month.

This helps encourage potential clients to purchase your products or services before time or slots run out.

2. Urgency

There are only a limited number of spots available in my 5-week online course and I only open it up four times a year for enrollment. This scheduling helps create a sense of urgency for my potential clients.

As a caveat, fake urgency and scarcity tactics are icky so only use them if you really stick to your word of limiting slots or time. Otherwise, it could badly backfire on your business—people can smell fake strategies from a mile away.

3. Anchoring

I often use pricing as an anchor, as it helps start the negotiation and set out the tone for the rest of the conversation. Putting your price on the table first helps keep those numbers in your client’s mind and makes it easier for you to work from that angle.

✉️ Convertkit ✉️

Speaking of sales techniques, one of my favorite ways to sell to current and potential clients is through email marketing. I’ve used a lot of different email service providers and one that has stuck is Convertkit.

Convertkit has been around for years and is often preferred by bloggers but they are also great for any kind of business (though there are some industries that aren’t allowed so make sure to check their Acceptable Use Policy).

The platform offers the same features that most Email Service Providers (ESPs) do: tagging, segmentation, forms, sequences, broadcasts, and automation. What I do love about it is that you can create stand-alone landing pages from their templates so it’s perfect if you do not have your own website or landing page builder for these things.

Convertkit also allows you to sell and earn directly from their platform and you can send them personalized and customized emails, depending on your audience’s behavior (eg. opening an email, clicking a link, purchasing an offer, and so on).

However, if you already have a website to showcase your services or a platform for selling your digital products, you can easily connect that with Converkit either through their direct integration or by using Zapier.


Selling isn’t just about hopping on a call with a potential or current client because, as much as you hate hearing it, it actually starts when you inform the entire world of your company’s existence.

You never know which of your messages a potential customer will see first—and statistics say it takes an average of 8 touches to get an initial meeting (or conversion) with a new prospect—so you have to make sure that the posts, photos, and videos that you share are intentional and with a goal.

Crafting compelling messages and putting together playbooks for your business are exactly the things that I teach in my 5-week online course, Entrepreneur Basecamp.

If you want to learn how to sell to your audience without being a sellout, make sure to sign up for my waitlist and be notified as soon as enrollment opens up!

That’s all for this edition! What was your favorite bullet?

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