πŸš… Double E Bullet β€” September 29 2022

πŸ‘‹ Hey there!

πŸš… This is issue #21 ofΒ The Double E BulletΒ where I share two bullets of things you should know about and to help you elevate your entrepreneurial journey.

πŸ’» Article: How to keep a conversation going

worldwide 2021 survey conducted by data.ai revealed that most people spend an average of 4.8 hours a day on their mobile devices. Especially in this post-lockdown age, this extensive time spent on screens can be said to have put a bit of a damper on one’s social skills.

If you’re ever wondering on how to start/continue a conversation IRL, here are 6 tips that you can use to keep the conversation going.


πŸ“± App: YouGlish

Ever wonder how to pronounce a certain word? There’s always that one word that not quite sure you’re pronouncing correctly; especially those french brand names πŸ˜‚

Fear not my fellow entrepreneurs, this neat tool shows you how to pronounce specific words by pulling up relevant YouTube videos so you can hear the word spoken.


You may have heard this before, β€œyou become what you think”.

As entrepreneurs, that holds even more power because our inner thoughts have a huge effect on our actions and success without us even knowing.

I recently published a video about the mindset shifts that I’ve made part of my daily life as an entrepreneur.

β€œNot every beautiful experience is to be shared or talked about. Some experiences are [sacredly] only yours.”


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