🚅 Double E Bullet — August 4 2022

👋 Hey there!

🚅 This is issue #18 of The Double E Bullet where I share two bullets of things you should know about and help you elevate your entrepreneurial journey.

📺 Media: The Skill Of Humor​

Andrew Tarvin, a former IT engineer is the world’s first Humor Engineer and has taught thousands of people to use the skill of humor. Because while many of us consider humor a skill you’re “lucky-to-have”. Andrew insists it’s a “must-have.”

Humour doesn’t have borders, humor unites and gets us to listen ; but what if you don’t think you’re funny?

In this TED Talk, Andrew helps you navigate your doubts while teaching you the art of humor. Because it turns out, humor is a skill. And like all skills, it can be learned.

📱 App I’m exploring – Descript​

I heard about Descript about a little over a year ago and can’t stop talking about it. It’s an AI powered app used for editing audio and videos but as easy as editing a word doc, literally ! Here’s how it works

  • You record and upload your audio / video
  • Descript sees that upload and transcribes it
  • Here’s the cool part: You can now edit the text in the transcription and it magically those removes those parts from the your uploaded audio/video
  • Even cooler is that you can use the AI feature to generate brand new audio using your voice


I recently published a video on the Elevated Entrepreneur YouTube channel on the rules of entrepreneurship – it’s hard being an entrepreneur and knowing the rules of the game can help make the game easier!

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