πŸš… Double E Bullet β€” July 21 2022

πŸš… It’s Bullet Time! As I was writing this edition of the bullet, I spent some time thinking about the magic of bullet time AKA matrix effect.

Suffice to say, it took me down a really interesting rabbit hole and I came across this amazing article on the history of this cinematic masterpiece of a visual effect.

β€‹πŸ“š Book I’m reading: How to Change Your Mind​

Ever since, I saw the Mad Men episode with Roger Sterling trying out LSD, I’ve been fascinated ! What must it be like to be tripping on psychedelic drugs like acid or taking a soul searching trip on Ayahuasca under the watchful eye of a shaman.

Michal Pollan explores all of that in this book – t​​he history, the backlash and the recent resurgence of psychedelic drugs and it’s potential beneficial impact. Must read if you’re at all curious about psychedelics like LSD and psilocybin.


πŸ“± App I’m exploring – Ladder​

At the start of 2022, I (like most people) decided to get myself into the gym and hired a trainer to help me get leaner and stronger. Six months later, I definitely feel a lot stronger but my pocket’s feeling a lot lighter- a personal trainer doesn’t come cheap unfortunately.

However, tech to the rescue as always – the ladder app is a great way to get a personalized trainer like experience through an app.

I love that new workouts drop every week; and since the moves are showcased by (really fit) trainers in great detail, I know my form is good too -I’m lovin it!


Do you have a favourite ritual that you practice within your teams? Rituals within teams have proven to be a great productivity booster – check out my podcast episode on this topic.

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