🚅 Double E Bullet — June 23 2022

How’s your downward dog? I only ask because 21st June was World Yoga Day and since my yoga poses are as bad as my jokes, here’s a yoga joke that might get you to chuckle

Question: What’s a pirate’s least favorite yoga move?

Answer: The plank pose

And on with the bullets (get it 😛 ?)

What I’m Listening – The Quiet Master of Cryptocurrency with Nick Szabo

There’s a very slim chance that you haven’t heard about Crypto and all its hubdub and you might also be trading some of the coins already but I highly recommend listening to this podcast.

It’s Tim Ferris’s interview hosted together with Naval Ravikant from 2017 and they speak with the master of Crypto – Nick Szabo 🤯🤯🤯.

Fun fact: Nick also happens to be the man who Elon Musk thinks created Bitcoin.

App I’m exploring – Alfred

I moved to a Mac system in 2010 and while I took my time to get my head around the change from windows, I recently discovered this MUST HAVE app for every MAC owner!

Alfred, just like it’s namesake from the popular Batman series is always listening to ensure it follows my every request and make my workday even more productive and enjoyable. Alfred is insanely customisable but some of my most common workflows include searching Google and opening web links without ever touching my browser!

There’s even a community of productive geniuses who have designed some amazing workflows for anyone to try.


7 Phrases Entrepreneurs Should Not Use: A famous quote by Earl Nightingale says “we become what we think..” and our vocabulary is a big part of that. Listen to this episode to hear some of the words I think entrepreneurs should stop using right away.

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