๐Ÿš… Double E Bullet โ€” April 28 2022

Itโ€™s been a while since you received the Double E Bullet and Iโ€™m really excited to be back and share the things I am exploring on my journey as an entrepreneur.

April 23rd was also World Book Day and I hope youโ€™ll take this opportunity to celebrate and get your hands on a wonderful book I just read!โ€‹

โ€‹โ€‹Book I’m Reading: Personality Isn’t Permanentโ€‹

This was a really interesting read for me. Most โ€‹โ€‹often, we tend to label ourselves from the results of popular personality tests like the DISC assessment or the Briggs Myers personality trait test.

This book shatters all of the myths about personality tests and talks about reframing our past and using future goals to frame our present in order to get the most out of life.


App I’m exploring: Stravaโ€‹

Ever since I finished my marathon in March 2021, Iโ€™ve been keen to share my runs with my running buddies and look forward to seeing their personal best records.

What I really like about the Strava app is that it offers a lot for a free app! It also tracks cycling workouts together with GPS tracking and stores any photos you take during the workout. The best part is you can also connect to your fitness apps like Apple Health to pull in workout data that you forget to record using Strava.



Running a Marathon: What a goal for me to tick off! Join me with my running mates in our conversation about our journey of setting goals to the messy middle where quitting seems so enticing to the final goal post

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